The information provided here gives a context and description for the research project and  conclusionary congress of 404 Object Not Found: What remains of media art? Also provided is information concerning the Netherland Media Art Institute's (NIMk) role as a project partner  through commencing a case-based study on the presentation, registration and documentation of four multimedia installations. Through this research guidelines were designed for the re-installation and preservation of the installations, and a model for media art installation documentation was developed.

Through the support of the EU programme Culture 2000, the year long (July 2002 – August 2003) research project “404 Object Not Found: What remains of media art?” was launched by medien_kunst_netz Dortmund to examine questions about the production, presentation and preservation of media art. At this time medien_kunst_netz Dortmund was a new association between hartware medien kunst verein, the Museum am Ostwall and the Administration of Cultural Affairs of the city of Dortmund. The research project was realized through the cooperative partnerships of the Netherlands Media Art Institute, NIMk (Amsterdam), Center for Culture & Communication, C3 (Budapest), and Hans Dieter Huber of Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Stuttgart). Through this research initiative medien_kunst_netz Dortmund, NIMk and C3 produced case study based research using concrete works to investigate and assess the problems, issues and methods involved in the presentation, documentation and preservation of media art, including video, video installations, net and software based art.

M.-A. Cardenas / 25 Caramboles en variaties / oude opstelling in het toen Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam


To conclude the year long research project and to present the case studies, and to offer a public platform that involved further conversations about these topics, 404 Object Not Found: What remains of media art peaked as a four day international congress running from the 19th to the 22nd of June 2003 in Dortmund, Germany. The congress included lectures, working groups, and panel discussions that encompassed presentations of the case study research, as well as presented a stage of interdisciplinary international experts who offered their experience, strategies and current projects in the field of media art.


Of particular importance, 404 Object Not Found: What remains of media art, respresented the first major european research project and congress that focused on research surrounding the preservation of installation media art works that brought together a large number of interested and specialised individiduals, institutions and organizations together to share issues and ideas, and to raise and answer questions about the production, presentation, documentation, preservation and re-installation of media works of art.


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