2007 - now

The Bricolabs project was started as a development framework for generic infrastructures, in collaboration with a wide network of media labs across the world, in the context of countries as Brazil, Indonesia and of course the Netherlands. Core organizations involved are Metareciclagem, dyne.org, goto10 and HiveNetworks. During the year workshops were held at the festivals Pixelache / Democracy : Do It Yourself (Paris, Main D'Oevres) and Enter_Unknown Territories (Cambridge, Downing College). Bricolabs was selected as a breakthrough project by the Holland Open Software Conference.


Particularly in 2008 our research and development department profited from the collaborations which arose through the translocal network of Bricolabs, which host a mailing list for discussion that grew exuberantly and where there is active exchange.
This year Rob van Kranenburg guided theoretical research on 'Ambient Intelligence'. Our contribution to this, 'The Internet of Things', was also published by the Institute of Network Cultures and is available free on-line.