In April, 2007, the final touches were put on the project Kompetenznetzwerk Mediengestaltung. Since early 2004 the Netherlands Media Art Institute had been participating in this multi-year Austrian project. The participants were an international network of educational and other institutions and businesses. The goal of the project was to exchange information and content regarding media design. The Media Art Institute was involved in various tasks including streaming research and Campus Radio / TV. In addition the Institute supervised interns, explained rights, provided content and organized workshops. The Austrian Phplus program funded the project. The website http://fhplus.media.coop/ is the exchange portal for the project. To mark its completion a publication on the whole project has appeared.

Among the contributions published in it is the streaming investigation Video Streaming Across Wide Area Networks: Research on technologies for content distribution by Jaromil (Denis Roio) and Eleonora Oreggia.