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Prix de Rome

From 21-06-2002 until 26-07-2002

Jasper van den Brink, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Diana Ramaekers, Igor Sevcuk

From June 21 through July 27 the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts is presenting the finalists in the Prix de Rome Film & Video.

The four finalists in the Prix de Rome Photography will be on exhibition from June 21 through August 18 at FOAM_Photography Museum Amsterdam.

At the beginning of January the eight finalists began with their work period of from three to four months. The Rijksacademie made available various facilities for this, including an individual studio and the use of their workshops. During this important period the candidates produced new work. In April the jury assembled to judge the new work and award the various prizes.

The Film & Video jury has awarded the following prizes for the Prix de Rome Film/Video:
1st prize Euro 20,000 Igor Sevcuk
2nd prize Euro 10,000 Jasper van den Brink
basic prize Euro 5,000 Saskia Olde Wolbers
basic prize Euro 5,000 Diana Ramaekers

The allocation of the prizes is based on the work that the four film/video finalists produced during a work period of three months. On June 20 the exhibitions will be opened and the official presentation of the prizes will take place in FOAM by State Secretary F. van der Ploeg. In addition, a full-color 150 page substantive publication regarding contemporary developments in photography and film/video will be released. The two authors discuss this together with the jurying process.

The Film & Video jury was comprised of Peter Bogers, Madelon Hooykaas, Mani Kaul, Geert Mul, Mark Nash and Janwillem Schrofer (chairman, non-voting).