From 26-08-2006 until 07-10-2006

Solo exhibition by Peter Bogers

The Unified Field (2006), Brain Field (2006), Chorus (2006), Fairy Fake (2005), Linking (2003), Play-Rev-Play (1999), Ritual (1998), Portrait (1992), Retorica (1992), Human '87 (1987)

Exhibition text

Opening Friday 25 August, 17.00 hour

In collaboration with the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, the Netherlands Media Art Institute presents ‘The Unified Field’, a solo exhibition by the Dutch artist Peter Bogers. The exhibition shows both early work, as well as two of his very latest works, ‘Unified Field’ and ‘Brain Field’.

Peter Bogers (b. 1956, Dordrecht) graduated from the St. Joost Academy in Breda in 1981, in sculpture. Since 1982 he was worked as an autonomous artist. Beginning as a performance artist, he later devoted himself to video art, video installations and sculptures. He has had solo exhibits both in The Netherlands (at the Central Museum, Utrecht, among other places) and internationally (including Bremen, Marseille, Osnabruck and Pittsburgh).


In his performances and installations Peter Bogers investigates the physical and psychological conditions of the human body. A part of Bogers’s new work reaches back to his first years as an artist, as physical performances are translated into carefully constructed audio-visual presentations. For him, the body is the material with which you can communicate and rouse emotions. Video, sound and photography all are employed as intermediaries, with all their manipulative possibilities. By making use of these media, the artist can avoid direct confrontation with the public.

The recorded images are carefully put together and reedited – a process in which the role of sound is enormously important. The rhythms of the body (breathing, heartbeat), of water (a dripping tap) or of TV images succeeding one another form musical patterns that influence the images. Bogers’s history as a performance artist is clearly revealed in this. The unity and identity of the body must make way for a disassociation and fragmentation from the inside out. Thus, Bogers’s approach is that of the investigator, in search of poetic imperfections.

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