Kelli Dipple, mapping locations in time

artist in residence March - May 2003

Kelli Dipple will be spending 3 months in residence at the Netherlands Media Art Institute throughout March - May 2003. Developing open source software along side a site specific performance for the internet and linked venues.

Wireless and Wearable
By developing the software tool in conjunction with a live performance event, We aim to ensure the physicality of its usability. Personal Devices are increasingly part of our wardrobe. The implementation of this device software must be able to withstand the conditions of technical production within the context venue, public and remote locations. I am currently researching partners who are interested in designing the wearable accessory kit, which would make this tool an integrated aspect of the physically unpredictable and demanding world of technical management.


Australian artist and project manager Kelli Dipple, has worked for the past 7 years at the intersection of digital technology and performance practice. Having trained traditionally in theatre directing and choreography at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia, Kelli has since developed a detailed knowledge of video conferencing, streaming media, web and digital video technologies. Specializing in international co-production, interdisciplinary research, collaborative practice, performance making and remote / multiple site events. Her practice draws upon a collaborative and interdisciplinary methodology and maintains an interest in the integration of visual, interactive, communication and network technologies into live events for live audiences.

Resent R&D supported by the New Media Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, involved researching the distribution of live events and screen culture across networks and the development of remote collaboration. Exploring narrative and form on a multi-casting video conferencing network. Involving residencies and teaching at The University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute (USA), Ohio State University (USA), and The University of Manchester (UK).

Long term artistic collaborations have included work with Company in Space (Melbourne) including performances for The Melbourne International Festival (Australia), The Star Alliance Hong Kong Festival, New Territories Festival (UK), Siggraph (USA), IDAT (USA), The Digital Summer Festival (UK) and Monaco Dances Forum / as well as Keith Armstrong and The Transmute Collective (Brisbane) including presentations, online projects and performances for The Mediaterra Festival - Operating Net (Greece), Super Computing Global Conference (USA), Site Gallery Live Art (UK), Latitude Festival (Australia) and the BTV Creative Convergence Conference (UK).

Over the last two years in the UK, Kelli has managed and produced work for Site Gallery, Hull Time Based Arts, PVA, shinkansen, Future Physical, BTV, The Lighthouse Media Centre, Active Ingredient and Vincent Dance Theatre. Kelli has also worked in Australia with The Brisbane Powerhouse, The Graphite Festival, Igneous, Griffith Artworks, The Next Wave Festival, The St. Kilda Film Festival, Slaughterhouse, The Sydney University Viz Lab and The Queensland University of Technology.