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If you use Netscape 3.0, the neccesary plug-in QUICKTIME has already been installed. If you don't have the plug-in, get it here. Some of the movies are Quicktime VR movies of the rooms. To view these movies within the browser, you should also have the QUICKTIME VR COMPONENTS in the plug-in folder of Netscape, that you can download here.
To view these rooms, hold down your (left)mouse-button over the picture and drag. If you still see a broken icon on the pages that contain (QTVR)-movies, please follow the next steps...

  • Make a bookmark
  • Restart Netscape
  • Go to Options>General Preferences>Helpers,
    select Quicktime/video and make sure these preferences are set:
how to set up your preferences If you just want to download the movies and watch them afterwards, select 'application' and your Quicktimeplayer. Please take notice of the size of these files... the faster your connection, the better.

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