Borealis 1994

Technical Details: 2 projectors, 4 projection screen, 2 mirrors, 2 laser discs, 1 disctator

1940 born in Reykjavik, Iceland 1959-1963 MUSIC CONSERVATORY Prague 1965 moved to New York City 1971 co-founded media-art theatre THE KITCHEN 1971 artist-in-residence at the NATIONAL CENTER FOR EXPERIMENTS IN TELEVISION (NCET) at KQED San Francisco 1988 artist-in-residence in Tokyo on a US/Japan Friendship Committee grant. Lives and works in Santa Fé, California

1974 'Exposition de Video Expérimentale' Knokke Heist Film Festival LA CINÉMATHÈQUE ROYALE DE BELGIQUE Knokke Heist (Belgium) 1976 6e Internationaler Forum des Jungen Films BERLINER FILM FESTIVAL Berlin 1977 Video Exhibition BIDDICK FARM ARTS CENTRE Tyne & Wear (UK) 1979 'Recent Video of Analog and Digital Expressions' EXPERIMENTAL TELEVISION CENTER Binghamton, NY (USA) 1980 ARMORY/MUSEUM !FESTIVAL! SHOW / New Mexico Film and Video Festival RISING SUN MEDIA CENTER Santa Fé (USA) 1983 Women & Movies Festival KENNEDY CENTER Washington D.C. 1984 '10 Gestir' Art Festival '84 ART MUSEUM OF REYKJAVIK Iceland / 1st Festival Nacional de Video CIRCULO DE BELLAS ARTES DE MADRID Madrid 1984 'Kunst mit Eigen-Sinn' MUSEUM DES 20.JAHRHUNDERTS Vienna 1986 Invitational Exhibition ROSWELL MUSEUM AND ART CENTER Roswell, New Mexico (USA) 1987 Southwest Biennial PHOENIX MUSEUM OF ART Phoenix (USA) 1988 'American Landscape The Electronic Grove' MUSEUM OF ART / CARNEGIE INSTITUTE Pittsburgh (USA) / SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART San Francisco (USA) 1992 'Eigenwelt der Apparate copyright Welt: Pioneers of Electronic Art' ARS ELECTRONICA Linz (Austria) 1992 MANIFESTATION FOR UNSTABLE MEDIA IV' 's Hertogenbosch (NL) 1993 'Borealis IV' NATIONAL GALLERY OF ICELAND Reykjavik 1993 T'Art Festival TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT Enschede (NL)

1978 Linda Cathcart ed. 'Vasulka, Steina: Machine Vision / Woody: Descriptions' in: exhibition catalogue, Buffalo, NY (USA) 1983 Robert Haller 'Interview with Steina' republished in Video Texts New York 1973 Hollis Melton 'Who's Who in Film Making Video: The Vasulkas' in: Sight Line, January/February, New York 1984 Dominique Willoughby ed. 'Steina & Woody Vasulka: Vidéastes 1969-1984: Quinze années d'images électroniques' in: Cine MBXA/Cinédoc, Paris 1986 Malin Wilson, interview with Steina in: Scapes of Paradoxy: The Southwest and Iceland JONSON GALLERY, UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO, Albuquerque (USA)

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