Satellite Sounder exhibit at PICNIC 08 

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from Sight Reduction Tables to Satellite Sounders! 
This first image was taken on board yacht Symphony in 2007 showing my experiments with the Sight Reduction Tables for navigating with the Sextant. The second image is taken a year later and shows the Satellite Sounders taking the navigation data and turning it directly into sounds. I think it shows a nice continuation...

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experiencing the sounders! 

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Satellite Sounding at Villa Croce, Genova 

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Satellite Sounders during Temporary Museum Amsterdam 

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Satellite Sounding in California 

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Sun Running at STEIM 

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Sun Run Sun at NIMk Territorial Phantom exhibition 29 March - 12 May 

a Satellite Sounder !

Dead Reckoning sound and video installation using live GPS data.

Satellite Sounders hanging in the windows for visitors to take outside.

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Navigating by Circles at <>TAG 
An image of my video and sound installation as part of the group exhibition on Eco-Aesthetics curated by Hicham Khalidi and Tiffany Holmes. The exhibition opened last Saturday 22 march and runs until 28 April and gives a very interesting perspective on art and environmental issues without being didactic or heavy ... well done <>TAG!

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amphibian at <>TAG 

There was a fantastic turn out at <>TAG for the performance, so many people that they didn't actually fit - sorry to anyone who couldn't see or be within the 'aquarium' of speakers where the sound was best.

I used 2 of the Satellite Sounders (you can see one lying on the table, I'm bringing the other one in from outside) and managed to keep the live GPS signal during the performance, both sounders were mapped to different sounds.

I'm still waiting for the official photos, I found this on flicker taken by one of the audience - thanks! they note that the dutch minister of culture is sitting in the corner on the right...

thanks to Keir, Hicham and others from <>TAG for making this such a fun event!

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on closer inspection ... 

The motherboard carrying the processor is the smallest 'gum'-sized board on top of the slightly larger expansion board which carries the GPS receiver, audio. and connectors. To upload files we had to use the serial connection (USB didn't work with this combination of boards, and there were other problems with bluetooth), Jorgen made a beautiful hidden connector that sits between the two boards. The whole thing is secured tightly by waxed string. The next stage was covering in rubber shrink-wrap - material that shrinks when heated to protect electronics, which gives the final form of the satellite sounders.

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soft diamond 2 

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the Amsterdam prototype 
the second prototype showing the wrapped gumstix and GPS antenna, without battery and headphones, gives an idea of the modular form of the final sounder

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development at STEIM 

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Berlin prototype! 
Last week I collected the prototype of the GPS/sound instrument from Sukandar's studio in Berlin. These photos show the bare boards receiving the GPS data and converting it to sounds using PDa. It's tiny! The plan now is to build these elements into an integrated instrument.

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soft diamond 

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intuitive sailing 
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balance and continual shifting of sails and weight in response and anticipation of wind and sea shifts. the precision is intense - the more finely tuned the sailor and the boat, the better performance through the water. i like it as an example of a physical and mental engagement with an instrument (in this case the boat) and the environment, where reactions and anticipations are used at such speed that it is essentially intuitive.

(thanks to my brothers Patrick and Vincent for taking me out to get this shot and talking me through the racing and tuning details - they are Campeones del Mundo! Silver fleet Flying Fifteens, Mallorca 2007)

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hand held navigation 
An astrolabe from 1525 from Nuremberg - I found it in the archives of the Utrecht University Museum Historical Instruments Collection. It has an engraved ground superimposed by rotating sun and horizon and transferable disks depending on your latitude. You/me are located at the point where the circles converge.

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