Amphibian performance 
date: Saturday 15 March
time: 16:30
entry: 5 euros
location: <>TAG Den Haag
part of Dag in de Branding edition 07

Imagine a coastline, a land of rising and falling water levels, an inevitably increasing wetness in some areas and dryness in others. Imagine yourself sometimes hovering and sometimes submerged in a sonic sea that meshes navigational data and marshland amphibians…

Sun Run Sun charts a path between environmental engagement and technological development, using sound as the medium to enhance both. Signals from satellites in orbit, together with the performer’s coordinates on earth, generate live music in real time.

“I use sound because it is not an object, not something to hold or touch, not external to myself,” states Harris. “The experience of sound is internal, as a process that influences the relationship between the self and the environment. True navigation consists of a continuously coherent relationship between the two.”

During her thirty-minute performance, Yolande will slowly reveal the patterns of orbiting satellites coming in and out of range and inconsistencies in how GPS technology locates the self in a longitude/latitude grid. Harris’s soundscape, in both the performance and the installation, questions what is inside and what is outside, what it means to be located and what it means to be lost.

Sun Run Sun delicately treads a path between technical data and actual experience, between the artificial and natural. It joins the disparate sonic worlds of electronic satellite signals and the songs of marshland amphibians. This hybrid form of knowing, techno-intuition, unites scientific and innate systems of environmental awareness.

Amphibian is a futuristic vision / audition into a world on the transitional spaces between water and land, the deltas and coastlines that continuously shift, and that are threatening to shift dramatically in coming years. Our blind faith in the technologies of navigation systems morphs into a techno-intuition of an amphibious engagement with our environment. The sounds of orbiting satellites in Sun Run Sun reveal not only our location on a grid, but our relationship to the sky, asking us to re-assess and re-negotiate our connection with the environment.

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Sun Run Sun presentations March 2008 
15/3 Amphibian
performance during Dag in de Branding Festival at <TAG> Gallery in Den Haag

20/3 lecture Eco-Aesthetics at Mediamatic Amsterdam

22/3 - 28/4 Navigating by Circles
video and sound installation in the Eco-Visualisation exhibition curated by Tiffany Holmes and Hicham Khalidi at <TAG> Gallery in Den Haag

28/3 - 10/5 Satelllite Sounders and Dead Reckoning
sonic walk and sound installation in the Territorial Phantom exhibition at Netherlands Institute for Media Arts (montevideo) in Amsterdam.

2/4 Sun Run Sun
performance at STEIM in Amsterdam

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Production schedule for portable GPS-instrument development: 
14 Jan - technical research meeting, Stock and Simon @ V2 Rotterdam
21-31 Jan - prototype development, Sukandar @ Berlin, Damian and Yolande @ NIMK Amsterdam.
04-15 Feb - prototype testing, audio development, Yolande @ NIMK,
18-29 Febr- final instrument development, Sukandar Yolande Jorgen Damian @ STEIM and NIMK
3 March - six finished instruments
04-27 March - final refinements
28 March - opening exhibition @ NIMK, Amsterdam

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encouraging noise  
Working on a project like Sun Run Sun I generate a large amount of material and connections that get discarded, or rather, not chosen, in the final presentation of the work. This process of refining is crucial, but I've always looked for a way to let the branches of new ideas have their own life, develop in their own directions, grow and die. Some ideas need to be nurtured, others just take off with their own momentum, others make no impact at all. Instead of locking this process away in a box marked private, this blog aims to open it up and generate a platform for exchange.

Sonic navigations include:
navigation techniques developed by humans
navigation techniques developed by animals
specifics of satellite technologies
landscape and climate
interaction with instrument in an environment
underwater sonar

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