Sonic Ecologies 
David Dunn's excellent recent article "Acoustic Ecology and the Experimental Music Tradition"

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listen to northern lights 
a sound/video link

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the noise of breaking waves? 
If a wave at sea only sounds when it breaks on land, how would one break a sound wave? Following the physics of breaking waves, I found even more interesting techniques of analysing the "skin" of the ocean. But how many ways are there to break a sound wave?

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traditional Polynesian navigation 
The rediscovery of the techniques of traditional Polynesian navigation in the last half century or less, gives an intertesting perspective on accuracy of navigation and the western development of high technologies for this purpose. These traditional techniques include stars, trade wind directions, waves, using the canoe as a compass, following migrating birds and whales, cloud formations, changes in temperature and smell, floating debris and weed in the sea. All observations of the environment which made crossings of the Pacific Ocean by canoe possible, something we would imagine to be extreme.

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Leonardo Locative Media special issue 
The Leonardo Electronic Almanac special issue on locative media from 2006 has a good collection of papers, overviews and example projects Vol 14 issue 03

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sailing race around the world 
I was at the start of this round-the-world two handed race that left from Barcelona 3 weeks ago. Here you can follow the continuously updated trace of the boats, get the latest weather reports for their area, and see a google animation of the routes taken so far, there is even a game for you to race against the real boats online (when i checked there were more than 500 'skippers' logged in!) I guess this is a nice example of my talk about the split between embodied experience of location and the virtual - but it's the sailors that are experiencing the hybrid form of location...

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locative media art  
follow the moderated discussion from 3 december on the Yasmin Mediterranean Art Science Network list on the theme of locative media art

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basics of celestial navigation 
> a concise overview to celestial navigation
> a nice set by step description of how to make a sun-run-sun

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interesting sonification project by Andrea Polli related to climate, weather, environment antartica

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cognition in the wild 
Ed Hutchins paper Imagining the Cognitive Life of Things
about the role of multimodal interaction in cognition examined through tasks like collaborative navigation using charts

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"lovely weather" 
moderated discussion on the Yasmin Mediterranean Art Science Network list on the theme of the perception of climate change in art and technology

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on mutamorphosis 
impressions of Mutamorphosis international conference on art and science in extreme environments 8-10/11/2007 Prague. I presented this project on the Eco-Sonification panel...

...towards bodies created, morphed, grown, mutated into other forms and other technologies, resounding with alchemical and astronomical prague, as if these fantasies are becoming real here, as if they could exist. the fantasy becomes reality when Stelarc pulls back his shirt sleeve revealing a surgically modelled third ear on his forearm, and although it can't hear anything yet, the irony of the gesture is curious. the growth of stem cells, bio technologies, nano technologies, astronomists, artists working with these conditions, from micro to macro scales. Roy Ascott talks of arriving at the pharmocological moment. the talks use languages of life, death, feelings, senses, technologies, space, politics, climate, human, anthropomorphic, other, animal, plant. something is in the air, and i hope it is of allowing fantasy to become real, of the alchemical gesture of the supernatural through the physical, the creation of something which becomes something other...

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