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      • mapping GPS data to sound (GPGSV and GPRMC)
        Working on the GPS data (NMEA), receiving, sorting, mapping to sounds and movements in space. With Damian at NIMK. Main issues: GPS parser, to read in the stream of data and make it useful for sound production.

        I'm interested in the info of the satellites themselves, the PRN number,

      • Technical development and requirements
        Having thoroughly researched the various technical options for developing this piece, we've decided to concentrate on building specifically designed instruments using Gumstix hardware running a Linux operating system and Pure Data /PDa software environment. This addresses the specific requireme

      • Team for technical development Sun Run Sun
        It's really exciting to have got together the following team of experts together to develop this project!

        Sukandar Kartadinata - main technical developer, electronics at board level
        Damian Stewart - programming PD and PDa
        STEIM/Jorgen www.steim.or

      • Production schedule for portable GPS-instrument development:
        14 Jan - technical research meeting, Stock and Simon @ V2 Rotterdam
        21-31 Jan - prototype development, Sukandar @ Berlin, Damian and Yolande @ NIMK Amsterdam.
        04-15 Feb - prototype testing, audio development, Yolande @ NIMK,
        18-29 Febr- final instrument development, Sukandar Yolande J

      • soft diamond

      • To breath, to walk, to swim, to rhythm.
        To breath, to walk, to swim, to rhythm.

        The small boat stops becalmed in the middle of the sea, I climb overboard and swim away, then return towards the bow and together we move forwards at the same speed through the water.

        The horizon stays at the same distance however far we

      • is there intimacy in the electronic trace?
        how can an electronic trace contain my feelings, my memories? how can I recognize people and places in an abstract sound of clicks and tones? how personal is this, how exclusive, how intimate, how possible to share?

        these sounds are made from a collection of traces of my journeys (physic

      • intuitive sailing

        balance and continual shifting of sails and weight in response and anticipation of wind and sea shifts. the precision is intense - the more finely tuned the sailor and the boat, the better performance through the water. i like it as an example of a physical and mental engagement with an

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