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  • 2008
    • October
    • September
      • Satellite Sounders at PICNIC
        Try out the Satellite Sounders during the new media conference PICNIC 08, in the Virtueel Platform dome at the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
        24 - 26 September 2008

    • August
    • July
      • Sun Run Sun at ISEA 2008 Singapore
        I'll be presenting the latest work with the Satellite Sounders and Sun Run Sun at the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) 2008. The symposium and exhibition events run from 25 - 30 July, I will present at 11am 29th July.

        Annet Dekker will talk about Sun Run Sun as part o

    • June
    • May
    • April
      • Guest Lecture at University of California, Los Angeles, April 28, 12pm
        I'll be giving a lecture about Sun Run Sun, the conceptual and technical development, and presenting the sounds and Satellite Sounders at:

        EDA Experimental Digital Arts, room 1250
        Broad Art Center
        University of California, Los Angeles
        April 28, 12pm

        more inf

      • Interview: A Journey Through Sound
        Carmen Hutting and Annet Dekker interviewed me recently, published in the Tag Mag 5, produced by <>Tag in Den Haag. You can now read it in the side bar of this blog or online at the NIMk website:

      • V2 Test_Lab Topology video
        The Test_Lab: Topology stream is now online > find the Satellite Sounders presentation at 49:00

      • Satellite Sounders at V2
        I'll be presenting the Satellite Sounders as part of the Test_Lab Topology evening at V2_Insitute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam. The evening starts at 20:00 and includes a number of presentations around theme of topology.

        "This topology edition of Test_Lab will feature se

      • Seminar : Navigating the Space of the Future : 15 April
        The evening begins at 20:30hrs, NIMk, Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam

        Presentations by: Yolande Harris, David Dunn and Atau Tanaka

        "What does it mean to navigate? What is the importance of location specificity? What does it mean to get lost? The increasing accuracy of satelli

      • Sun Running at STEIM

      • performance at STEIM, 2 April
        Sun Running performance at STEIM Wednesday 2 April 20:30

        "Physicality in electronic music has always been one of the central themes at STEIM, but not every musician takes a gestural or bodily approach to performing their music. Physicality of the sound, the space and the location are

      • Sun Run Sun at NIMk Territorial Phantom exhibition 29 March - 12 May

        a Satellite Sounder !

        Dead Reckoning sound and video installation using live GPS data.

        Satellite Sounders hanging in the windows for visitors to take outside.

    • March
      • "the threads of the air"
        "Similarly, when summer and winter separate so that either summer recedes and winter arrives or winter recedes and summer arrives, than a certain mixed substance appears, flying in the air, like a whiteness of threads, where the air is purifying itself. This descends to the earth owing to the c

      • Navigating by Circles at <>TAG
        An image of my video and sound installation as part of the group exhibition on Eco-Aesthetics curated by Hicham Khalidi and Tiffany Holmes. The exhibition opened last Saturday 22 march and runs until 28 April and gives a very interesting perspective on art and environmental issues without being dida

      • references to the books I read in my talk
        I based my talk at Mediamatic (20 march) on this idea:
        The experience of sound is internal, as a process that influences the relationship between the self and the environment. True navigation consists of a continuously coherent relationship between the two.

        I read excerpts from book

      • lecture at Mediamatic 20 March
        I'm presenting the ideas around the project at Mediamatic in Amsterdam as part of the Eco-Aesthetics exhibition and events organised by <>TAG.

        Here's the program for the evening:program

        "How can artists translate everyday information visually or sonically?

      • amphibian at <>TAG

        There was a fantastic turn out at <>TAG for the performance, so many people that they didn't actually fit - sorry to anyone who couldn't see or be within the 'aquarium' of speakers where the sound was best.

        I used 2 of the Satellite Sounders (you can

      • on closer inspection ...

        The motherboard carrying the processor is the smallest 'gum'-sized board on top of the slightly larger expansion board which carries the GPS receiver, audio. and connectors. To upload files we had to use the serial connection (USB didn't work with this combin

      • soft diamond 2

      • Amphibian performance
        date: Saturday 15 March
        time: 16:30
        entry: 5 euros
        location: <>TAG Den Haag
        part of Dag in de Branding edition 07

        Imagine a coastline, a land of rising and falling water levels, an inevitably increasing wetness in some areas and dryness in others. Imagine yoursel

      • Sun Run Sun presentations March 2008
        15/3 Amphibian
        performance during Dag in de Branding Festival at <TAG> Gallery in Den Haag

        20/3 lecture Eco-Aesthetics at Mediamatic Amsterdam

        22/3 - 28/4 Navigating by Circles
        video and sound installation in the Eco-Visualisation exhibition curated by Tiffan

      • SunGum - Sukandar Kartadinata's report
        Sukandar has thoroughly documented the technical details of making the satellite sounders, mostly relating to the Gumstix development:

      • the Amsterdam prototype
        the second prototype showing the wrapped gumstix and GPS antenna, without battery and headphones, gives an idea of the modular form of the final sounder

      • development at STEIM

      • different sound mappings
        listen to these on headphones at a low volume!!!

    • February
      • progress
        this week and next week working on the hardware at STEIM, with Jorgen - batteries, antenna, casing, placement of final modules - and Sukandar whose working with the 5 new sets of Gumstix getting Linux running and installing PDa to run the sound patches I've been working on. testing outside soon

      • ideas on mapping
        by "mapping" i refer to decisions of how to transform data into sound

        this is a relatively simple example:
        GPS data is limited in its ranges and frequency of change
        the sound is limited by the computing power of the small device

        i need identify the prominent

      • amphibian organilectric
        GSV satellite data describes the changing envelope and stereo placement of the electronic sounds, combined with the frogs (from David Dunn's "Why do Whales and Children Sing")

        Here the GSV data is different because other satellites are being tracked. I'm ex

      • Sonic Ecologies
        David Dunn's excellent recent article "Acoustic Ecology and the Experimental Music Tradition"

      • locating my beach in the sky
        Amphibian is a futuristic vision / audition into a world on the transitional spaces between water and land, the deltas and coastlines that will shift in constitution over the coming years. Our blind guidance of technologies of navigation systems starts to morph into a techno-intuition of amphibious

      • prototype soundings
        these prototype sounds will be developed for the final version; but even now it's easy to hear the movements of the two kinds of data, the satellites themselves (cricketing) and the long/lat position (frogging)

      • Berlin prototype!
        Last week I collected the prototype of the GPS/sound instrument from Sukandar's studio in Berlin. These photos show the bare boards receiving the GPS data and converting it to sounds using PDa. It's tiny! The plan now is to build these elements into an integrated instrument.

      • PD development report by Damian
        read damian's report
        "I was brought on board this project to help out with Pure Data patch development. Specifically, I was to:
        - write a parser for NMEA data in Pd;
        - help Yolande translate existing Max/MSP patches to Pd;
        - figure out how to connect the NMEA parser to

    • January
      • mapping GPS data to sound (GPGSV and GPRMC)
        Working on the GPS data (NMEA), receiving, sorting, mapping to sounds and movements in space. With Damian at NIMK. Main issues: GPS parser, to read in the stream of data and make it useful for sound production.

        I'm interested in the info of the satellites themselves, the PRN number,

      • Technical development and requirements
        Having thoroughly researched the various technical options for developing this piece, we've decided to concentrate on building specifically designed instruments using Gumstix hardware running a Linux operating system and Pure Data /PDa software environment. This addresses the specific requireme

      • Team for technical development Sun Run Sun
        It's really exciting to have got together the following team of experts together to develop this project!

        Sukandar Kartadinata - main technical developer, electronics at board level
        Damian Stewart - programming PD and PDa
        STEIM/Jorgen www.steim.or

      • Production schedule for portable GPS-instrument development:
        14 Jan - technical research meeting, Stock and Simon @ V2 Rotterdam
        21-31 Jan - prototype development, Sukandar @ Berlin, Damian and Yolande @ NIMK Amsterdam.
        04-15 Feb - prototype testing, audio development, Yolande @ NIMK,
        18-29 Febr- final instrument development, Sukandar Yolande J

      • soft diamond

      • To breath, to walk, to swim, to rhythm.
        To breath, to walk, to swim, to rhythm.

        The small boat stops becalmed in the middle of the sea, I climb overboard and swim away, then return towards the bow and together we move forwards at the same speed through the water.

        The horizon stays at the same distance however far we

      • is there intimacy in the electronic trace?
        how can an electronic trace contain my feelings, my memories? how can I recognize people and places in an abstract sound of clicks and tones? how personal is this, how exclusive, how intimate, how possible to share?

        these sounds are made from a collection of traces of my journeys (physic

      • intuitive sailing

        balance and continual shifting of sails and weight in response and anticipation of wind and sea shifts. the precision is intense - the more finely tuned the sailor and the boat, the better performance through the water. i like it as an example of a physical and mental engagement with an

  • 2007
    • December
      • Winter Solstice
        Thoughts on the shortest day... it's snowing in Amsterdam

        I feel like the days have been accelerating and contracting at the same time during the first month of this residency at NIMK. The day of the winter solstice is a good moment for a turn around towards expansion and production.

      • Taking Soundings 1
        sounds for the first version of Taking Soundings made at the in 2006/7 KHM in Cologne

      • Max/MSP v PureData - 2
        Converting my patches between the two programming environments Max/MSP and PD has been easier than I thought. Contrary to what I'd been told, many of the objects are identical if not very similar, and the reference/help patches are often based on the Max documentation. At this stage (which is s

      • listen to northern lights
        a sound/video link

      • the noise of breaking waves?
        If a wave at sea only sounds when it breaks on land, how would one break a sound wave? Following the physics of breaking waves, I found even more interesting techniques of analysing the "skin" of the ocean. But how many ways are there to break a sound wave?

      • traditional Polynesian navigation
        The rediscovery of the techniques of traditional Polynesian navigation in the last half century or less, gives an intertesting perspective on accuracy of navigation and the western development of high technologies for this purpose. These traditional techniques include stars, trade wind directions, w

      • Max/MSP v PureData - 1
        Max/MSP and Pure Data (PD)

      • Intuitive Navigations (in sound)
        I am working towards an ideal of intuitive navigation, where a relation to environment (climate, terrain, landscape) is absorbed into an embodied awareness of location and movement, where advances in technological infrastructures for location navigation and weather prediction also become absorbed in

      • mobile sound on a portable device
        I'm refining my search for a technical approach to creating a portable satellite sounding instrument for Sun Run Sun. I'm looking for a flexible open source solution that has possibilities for future changes and developments, both in terms of hardware and software.

        I've ha

      • Leonardo Locative Media special issue
        The Leonardo Electronic Almanac special issue on locative media from 2006 has a good collection of papers, overviews and example projects Vol 14 issue 03

      • STEIM's orientation...
        participating in STEIM's (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) orientation workshop in Amsterdam, I'm introduced to their software LiSa for live sampling and processing of sound and JunXion to map controller information from all sorts of input devices to varying sound parameters. It mean

      • sailing race around the world
        I was at the start of this round-the-world two handed race that left from Barcelona 3 weeks ago. Here you can follow the continuously updated trace of the boats, get the latest weather reports for their area, and see a google animation of the routes taken so far, there is even a game for you to race

      • locative media art
        follow the moderated discussion from 3 december on the Yasmin Mediterranean Art Science Network list on the theme of locative media art

    • November
      • basics of celestial navigation
        > a concise overview to celestial navigation
        > a nice set by step description of how to make a sun-run-sun

      • sonification
        interesting sonification project by Andrea Polli related to climate, weather, environment antartica

      • cognition in the wild
        Ed Hutchins paper Imagining the Cognitive Life of Things
        about the role of multimodal interaction in cognition examined through tasks like collaborative navigation using charts

      • "lovely weather"
        moderated discussion on the Yasmin Mediterranean Art Science Network list on the theme of the perception of climate change in art and technology

      • on mutamorphosis
        impressions of Mutamorphosis international conference on art and science in extreme environments 8-10/11/2007 Prague. I presented this project on the Eco-Sonification panel...

        ...towards bodies created, morphed, grown, mutated into other forms and other technologies, resounding with alch

      • hand held navigation
        An astrolabe from 1525 from Nuremberg - I found it in the archives of the Utrecht University Museum Historical Instruments Collection. It has an engraved ground superimposed by rotating sun and horizon and transferable disks depending on your latitude. You/me are located at the point where the circl

      • Taking Soundings 2
        listen to Taking Soundings 2, made out of collected GPS traces from Portugal, Sydney, Holland, Spain, that I made at summer 2007

      • encouraging noise
        Working on a project like Sun Run Sun I generate a large amount of material and connections that get discarded, or rather, not chosen, in the final presentation of the work. This process of refining is crucial, but I've always looked for a way to let the branches of new ideas have their own li

      • sun running
        One integrated portable unit with GPS receiver and sound processor small enough to carry. With this small, light, cheap, durable, strong - the audience can take it out for walks, the percussionist version can walk carrying a loud speaker while playing. (Adapted with a phone card and network it could

      • Sun Run Sun, artist residence project at Netherlands Institute for Media Arts Amsterdam
        Yolande Harris
        artist in residence at Montevideo/ Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam
        19/11/2007 - 19/02/2008

        Navigations and locations, navigating through locations, locating my navigations, can you navigate?

        I am witnessing a sensation of dislocation from my