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      • progress
        this week and next week working on the hardware at STEIM, with Jorgen - batteries, antenna, casing, placement of final modules - and Sukandar whose working with the 5 new sets of Gumstix getting Linux running and installing PDa to run the sound patches I've been working on. testing outside soon

      • ideas on mapping
        by "mapping" i refer to decisions of how to transform data into sound

        this is a relatively simple example:
        GPS data is limited in its ranges and frequency of change
        the sound is limited by the computing power of the small device

        i need identify the prominent

      • amphibian organilectric
        GSV satellite data describes the changing envelope and stereo placement of the electronic sounds, combined with the frogs (from David Dunn's "Why do Whales and Children Sing")

        Here the GSV data is different because other satellites are being tracked. I'm ex

      • Sonic Ecologies
        David Dunn's excellent recent article "Acoustic Ecology and the Experimental Music Tradition"

      • locating my beach in the sky
        Amphibian is a futuristic vision / audition into a world on the transitional spaces between water and land, the deltas and coastlines that will shift in constitution over the coming years. Our blind guidance of technologies of navigation systems starts to morph into a techno-intuition of amphibious

      • prototype soundings
        these prototype sounds will be developed for the final version; but even now it's easy to hear the movements of the two kinds of data, the satellites themselves (cricketing) and the long/lat position (frogging)

      • Berlin prototype!
        Last week I collected the prototype of the GPS/sound instrument from Sukandar's studio in Berlin. These photos show the bare boards receiving the GPS data and converting it to sounds using PDa. It's tiny! The plan now is to build these elements into an integrated instrument.

      • PD development report by Damian
        read damian's report
        "I was brought on board this project to help out with Pure Data patch development. Specifically, I was to:
        - write a parser for NMEA data in Pd;
        - help Yolande translate existing Max/MSP patches to Pd;
        - figure out how to connect the NMEA parser to

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