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      • "the threads of the air"
        "Similarly, when summer and winter separate so that either summer recedes and winter arrives or winter recedes and summer arrives, than a certain mixed substance appears, flying in the air, like a whiteness of threads, where the air is purifying itself. This descends to the earth owing to the c

      • Navigating by Circles at <>TAG
        An image of my video and sound installation as part of the group exhibition on Eco-Aesthetics curated by Hicham Khalidi and Tiffany Holmes. The exhibition opened last Saturday 22 march and runs until 28 April and gives a very interesting perspective on art and environmental issues without being dida

      • references to the books I read in my talk
        I based my talk at Mediamatic (20 march) on this idea:
        The experience of sound is internal, as a process that influences the relationship between the self and the environment. True navigation consists of a continuously coherent relationship between the two.

        I read excerpts from book

      • lecture at Mediamatic 20 March
        I'm presenting the ideas around the project at Mediamatic in Amsterdam as part of the Eco-Aesthetics exhibition and events organised by <>TAG.

        Here's the program for the evening:program

        "How can artists translate everyday information visually or sonically?

      • amphibian at <>TAG

        There was a fantastic turn out at <>TAG for the performance, so many people that they didn't actually fit - sorry to anyone who couldn't see or be within the 'aquarium' of speakers where the sound was best.

        I used 2 of the Satellite Sounders (you can

      • on closer inspection ...

        The motherboard carrying the processor is the smallest 'gum'-sized board on top of the slightly larger expansion board which carries the GPS receiver, audio. and connectors. To upload files we had to use the serial connection (USB didn't work with this combin

      • soft diamond 2

      • Amphibian performance
        date: Saturday 15 March
        time: 16:30
        entry: 5 euros
        location: <>TAG Den Haag
        part of Dag in de Branding edition 07

        Imagine a coastline, a land of rising and falling water levels, an inevitably increasing wetness in some areas and dryness in others. Imagine yoursel

      • Sun Run Sun presentations March 2008
        15/3 Amphibian
        performance during Dag in de Branding Festival at <TAG> Gallery in Den Haag

        20/3 lecture Eco-Aesthetics at Mediamatic Amsterdam

        22/3 - 28/4 Navigating by Circles
        video and sound installation in the Eco-Visualisation exhibition curated by Tiffan

      • SunGum - Sukandar Kartadinata's report
        Sukandar has thoroughly documented the technical details of making the satellite sounders, mostly relating to the Gumstix development:

      • the Amsterdam prototype
        the second prototype showing the wrapped gumstix and GPS antenna, without battery and headphones, gives an idea of the modular form of the final sounder

      • development at STEIM

      • different sound mappings
        listen to these on headphones at a low volume!!!

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