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      • Guest Lecture at University of California, Los Angeles, April 28, 12pm
        I'll be giving a lecture about Sun Run Sun, the conceptual and technical development, and presenting the sounds and Satellite Sounders at:

        EDA Experimental Digital Arts, room 1250
        Broad Art Center
        University of California, Los Angeles
        April 28, 12pm

        more inf

      • Interview: A Journey Through Sound
        Carmen Hutting and Annet Dekker interviewed me recently, published in the Tag Mag 5, produced by <>Tag in Den Haag. You can now read it in the side bar of this blog or online at the NIMk website:

      • V2 Test_Lab Topology video
        The Test_Lab: Topology stream is now online > find the Satellite Sounders presentation at 49:00

      • Satellite Sounders at V2
        I'll be presenting the Satellite Sounders as part of the Test_Lab Topology evening at V2_Insitute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam. The evening starts at 20:00 and includes a number of presentations around theme of topology.

        "This topology edition of Test_Lab will feature se

      • Seminar : Navigating the Space of the Future : 15 April
        The evening begins at 20:30hrs, NIMk, Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam

        Presentations by: Yolande Harris, David Dunn and Atau Tanaka

        "What does it mean to navigate? What is the importance of location specificity? What does it mean to get lost? The increasing accuracy of satelli

      • Sun Running at STEIM

      • performance at STEIM, 2 April
        Sun Running performance at STEIM Wednesday 2 April 20:30

        "Physicality in electronic music has always been one of the central themes at STEIM, but not every musician takes a gestural or bodily approach to performing their music. Physicality of the sound, the space and the location are

      • Sun Run Sun at NIMk Territorial Phantom exhibition 29 March - 12 May

        a Satellite Sounder !

        Dead Reckoning sound and video installation using live GPS data.

        Satellite Sounders hanging in the windows for visitors to take outside.

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