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      • basics of celestial navigation
        > a concise overview to celestial navigation
        > a nice set by step description of how to make a sun-run-sun

      • sonification
        interesting sonification project by Andrea Polli related to climate, weather, environment antartica

      • cognition in the wild
        Ed Hutchins paper Imagining the Cognitive Life of Things
        about the role of multimodal interaction in cognition examined through tasks like collaborative navigation using charts

      • "lovely weather"
        moderated discussion on the Yasmin Mediterranean Art Science Network list on the theme of the perception of climate change in art and technology

      • on mutamorphosis
        impressions of Mutamorphosis international conference on art and science in extreme environments 8-10/11/2007 Prague. I presented this project on the Eco-Sonification panel...

        ...towards bodies created, morphed, grown, mutated into other forms and other technologies, resounding with alch

      • hand held navigation
        An astrolabe from 1525 from Nuremberg - I found it in the archives of the Utrecht University Museum Historical Instruments Collection. It has an engraved ground superimposed by rotating sun and horizon and transferable disks depending on your latitude. You/me are located at the point where the circl

      • Taking Soundings 2
        listen to Taking Soundings 2, made out of collected GPS traces from Portugal, Sydney, Holland, Spain, that I made at summer 2007

      • encouraging noise
        Working on a project like Sun Run Sun I generate a large amount of material and connections that get discarded, or rather, not chosen, in the final presentation of the work. This process of refining is crucial, but I've always looked for a way to let the branches of new ideas have their own li

      • sun running
        One integrated portable unit with GPS receiver and sound processor small enough to carry. With this small, light, cheap, durable, strong - the audience can take it out for walks, the percussionist version can walk carrying a loud speaker while playing. (Adapted with a phone card and network it could

      • Sun Run Sun, artist residence project at Netherlands Institute for Media Arts Amsterdam
        Yolande Harris
        artist in residence at Montevideo/ Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam
        19/11/2007 - 19/02/2008

        Navigations and locations, navigating through locations, locating my navigations, can you navigate?

        I am witnessing a sensation of dislocation from my