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      • Winter Solstice
        Thoughts on the shortest day... it's snowing in Amsterdam

        I feel like the days have been accelerating and contracting at the same time during the first month of this residency at NIMK. The day of the winter solstice is a good moment for a turn around towards expansion and production.

      • Taking Soundings 1
        sounds for the first version of Taking Soundings made at the in 2006/7 KHM in Cologne

      • Max/MSP v PureData - 2
        Converting my patches between the two programming environments Max/MSP and PD has been easier than I thought. Contrary to what I'd been told, many of the objects are identical if not very similar, and the reference/help patches are often based on the Max documentation. At this stage (which is s

      • listen to northern lights
        a sound/video link

      • the noise of breaking waves?
        If a wave at sea only sounds when it breaks on land, how would one break a sound wave? Following the physics of breaking waves, I found even more interesting techniques of analysing the "skin" of the ocean. But how many ways are there to break a sound wave?

      • traditional Polynesian navigation
        The rediscovery of the techniques of traditional Polynesian navigation in the last half century or less, gives an intertesting perspective on accuracy of navigation and the western development of high technologies for this purpose. These traditional techniques include stars, trade wind directions, w

      • Max/MSP v PureData - 1
        Max/MSP and Pure Data (PD)

      • Intuitive Navigations (in sound)
        I am working towards an ideal of intuitive navigation, where a relation to environment (climate, terrain, landscape) is absorbed into an embodied awareness of location and movement, where advances in technological infrastructures for location navigation and weather prediction also become absorbed in

      • mobile sound on a portable device
        I'm refining my search for a technical approach to creating a portable satellite sounding instrument for Sun Run Sun. I'm looking for a flexible open source solution that has possibilities for future changes and developments, both in terms of hardware and software.

        I've ha

      • Leonardo Locative Media special issue
        The Leonardo Electronic Almanac special issue on locative media from 2006 has a good collection of papers, overviews and example projects Vol 14 issue 03

      • STEIM's orientation...
        participating in STEIM's (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) orientation workshop in Amsterdam, I'm introduced to their software LiSa for live sampling and processing of sound and JunXion to map controller information from all sorts of input devices to varying sound parameters. It mean

      • sailing race around the world
        I was at the start of this round-the-world two handed race that left from Barcelona 3 weeks ago. Here you can follow the continuously updated trace of the boats, get the latest weather reports for their area, and see a google animation of the routes taken so far, there is even a game for you to race

      • locative media art
        follow the moderated discussion from 3 december on the Yasmin Mediterranean Art Science Network list on the theme of locative media art

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